A Reminder That the IRS Won’t Email You

Will there be a second round of direct Economic Impact Payments to U.S. residents in 2020? The debate continues as of this writing (mid-June 2020), and while the question of whether or not it will happen might be resolved by the time this article is published on June 24th, I ran across an article that is disturbing in either case: Second Stimulus Payment Fraud: Why 35 Matters More Than $1,200.

In short, a research team did some polling and found that 35% of the people they asked expected the IRS would contact them by email regarding future Economic Impact Payments. That’s over one third of people who, upon seeing a message from the IRS in their inbox, would not immediately recognize the attempted deception.

This is despite the IRS repeating “we won’t email you” like a mantra, despite hundreds of articles written about how the IRS won’t email you (I’ve penned a few myself), despite warnings of email scams going after the previous payments, despite the fact that they didn’t email anyone the first time around in 2020.

Therefore I want to remind you now: don’t be one of that 35%. The IRS isn’t going to email you, about future payments when and if they occur, or about anything else.