Return of the Son of Ridiculous Spam Friday: Blog comments edition.

I don’t just get goofy spam email, as a blogger I also receive tons of spam comments. Usually, the automatic filters catch these, but since I moderate all comments anyway, even the ones that slip past Akismet don’t show up here. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no entertainment value.

“Cherry Steans” said: Appreciating an article like this is really will make me happy. Spamming has really been an abuse, not only blaming the site quality but also wasting an article of such information, publishers are really happy when they get comments appreciating their hard work, But it hurts when its spammed just for promotion of a product but not the information.

Spam is bad? Oh, is that so? Then why does this exact same comment appear on a few other blogs? You know what? Spam-marking a comment like this is really will make me happy, also, too.

“Carlton Nickolas” said: This site I found had a great deal great information on herbal teas and was really insightful. Its really difficult to find good info

Thank you for this insightful comment, Carlton! It really adds a whole new dimension to a post about “Free iPad” scams!

“teeth whitening products” said: I wouldn’t say I completely agree on certain points, but you definitely have a unique perspective. Anyway, I enjoy the quality you add to the blogosphere and that this isn’t just another abandoned, made-for-adsense blog! Take care…

Yeah, whatever, Teeth.

“medicare” said: Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.:)


“Walker Harewood” said: I imagine most people believe IPTV is the Internet, so more experts need to getting this point. I guess numerous people think that if they have a broadband service that they will be able to hook up a line to their TVs and go. More data on this would be very accommodating. At the same time, once IPTV is unconstrained, it will grow dramatically IF all IPTV sources (e.g., television or video sources) are admitted, not blocked. Hacks who desire to take on blocking are likely to succeed, history suggests.

I just don’t even know what you’re trying to say here, Walker, especially since this mess was submitted for a post about email spam. You’re one of those people that wears foil on their heads so the government can’t read their thoughts, aren’t you?

Now, I’m addressing these posters as if I believed they were real people, but I know they’re not. Every single one of these was accompanied by multiple links that I wouldn’t touch with a 39½-foot pole.

So I guess today’s post isn’t all that educational, insofar as it’s just me snarking on spammy blog comments. However, if you’re a blogger, you don’t want to help perpetuate this junk. Moderate your comments, and if you’re getting so much traffic that it’s too much work to moderate, think about shutting off comments altogether and adding a discussion board to your site instead.