The Top Ten Scams of 2009

A couple days ago, the Connecticut BBB released its list of the top ten scams for the past year. I’ll summarize the list below, or you can read the full press release by following the above link.

  1. Acai Supplements and Other “Free” Trial Offers
  2. Stimulus/Government Grant Scams
  3. Robocalls
  4. Lottery/Sweepstakes Scam
  5. Job Hunter Scams
  6. Google Work from Home Scam
  7. Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue/Debt Assistance
  8. Mystery Shopping
  9. Over-Payment Scams
  10. Phishing e-mails/H1N1 spam

None of these come as any sort of surprise, really. I can’t help being a little proud of the fact that I’ve pretty much covered almost all of these, and I’m planning to cover the few that I haven’t touched on yet. The fact that so many people still fall for these schemes tells me that my work has just begun, though.