Another good resource:

If you’re looking for some information about specific businesses, offers, emails or other things, check out the forums over at You can search, ask questions or help other people with your own knowledge. You have to create a user ID to sign in, but it’s free.

Make sure you’re at the correct site…”” is one of those fake sites that will only lead you to malware and actual scams.

A caveat about since it’s an open forum, there are users with vested interests in defending certain companies. A discussion about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., which on one hand is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating, and on the other hand functions exactly like every other multi-level marketing business in the world, rapidly evolved into a three-year-plus pie fight (still active as of today), with people who work for PPL (understandably) defending the company against all charges, and people who felt they’d been wronged (understandably) claiming the company is the biggest sham since The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault, for which I’ve never forgiven Geraldo Rivera, incidentally.

My point is that some users are less than trustworthy. You’ll figure out who is who pretty quickly, though. I’m probably going to create a user ID soon. When I do, I’ll let you know who I am, in case I end up posting anything.

There is also a section for political discussion, which is probably an excellent way to make your blood pressure hit 250/180 in about ten seconds, since for every single political belief you hold, no matter how based in fact, somebody else will think it’s a lie and that you’re an idiot. I would avoid it, personally.

“Religious Scams” is another section that has nothing to do with fraud prevention and everything to do with¬†loudmouths screaming at each other about evolution¬†vs. creationism. Endlessly. Over the course of months and years. So avoid that mess, too. Unless you like to get all worked up. Hey, in that case, knock yourself out.