Video Dispatches

FPU 001 – Mystery Shopper Scams: Be careful when a “job offer” sounds too good to be true. Originally posted 07/02/09.

FPU 002 – Protect Your SSN: Watch out who you give your Social Security Number to. Originally posted 07/14/09.

FPU 003 – Jury Duty Scams: Never give your personal information to an unsolicited caller, no matter who they claim to be. Originally posted 07/30/09.

FPU 004 – Confessions of a CITRMS: Nobody is above making a mistake, even someone who knows a thing or two about fraud prevention. Originally posted 08/21/09.

FPU 005 – Mystery Shopper Scams Forever: A musical number about a man fed up with the constant fake job offers in his inbox. Originally posted 09/02/09.

FPU 006 – Twitter Phishing: Watch out who you give information to on Twitter. It could be a cybersquatter posing as your financial institution. Originally posted 10/17/09.

FPU 007 – Shred Your Documents: A quick reminder to always shred documents containing personal information before you throw them out. Also, some footage of the Secure Shred truck. Originally posted 10/23/09.

FPU 008 – Holiday Fraud Prevention Tips: A few tips to help you stay safe this holiday season. Originally posted 11/06/09.

FPU 010 – Phishing: Whether via email, Facebook, or text message, phising is bad news. Originally posted 12/11/09.

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