Don’t Waste Money on COVID-19 Cures

Here is a problem: people are already attempting to steal money by hawking fake cures and/or vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus (which is technically named SARS-CoV-2, if you want to be accurate about it).

Here is why that’s an even bigger problem: the key to us (as a species) even attempting to slow down and eventually stop the spread of the virus is for people to avoid contact with other people as much as possible. Until there is an actual cure and an actual vaccine (the kind created by actual scientists in a laboratory and confirmed to be safe and effective through actual clinical trials), social distancing is the best we’ve got.

Now imagine a victim of a fake coronavirus inoculant, who spent money on some herbal concoction or…chromium-infused tube socks…I don’t know, whatever goofy thing you can think of. Believing himself to be immune, this guy now goes back out into the world, slacking off on the handwashing, not keeping a safe distance from others and touching his own face like it’s going out of style (which…it actually has). Eventually, he contracts the virus. Even when he begins showing symptoms, believing himself immune, he writes it off as a cold and continues to show up for his job in one of those critical industries that haven’t shut down.

And then he passes it onto several others, who do the same in turn. Eventually, people die because one person fell for a scam.

And THAT is why it is extremely important to not fall for coronavirus cure or vaccine scams.

Here are some things to not waste your money on (and endanger your health and everyone else’s):

  • At-home coronavirus test kits
  • Vitamin C (you can still take it for other reasons, but it won’t cure or prevent COVID-19)
  • Colloidal silver
  • CBD in any form (for all its potential benefits in other areas, this is one where it’s worthless)
  • Herbal supplements (again, some of these have benefits, but not for the coronavirus)
  • Masks (a lot of the ones you can get are worthless; the real ones should be reserved for medical personnel and people who have tested positive)
  • Garlic (even if you’re not being sold pills or whatever, don’t believe anything you might read that garlic will cure the disease; it will, however, make you happier because it’s delicious)
  • Mineral supplements
  • Hot water
  • Anything with the word “miracle” in it
  • Anything advertised as something “Big Pharma” or “THEY” “don’t want you to know about.”

When there is a (real) vaccine available, and when and if there is a (real) drug that cures or curtails the disease, it will very literally be one of the biggest news stories in recent memory. “Big Pharma” will most definitely WANT you know about it, because whichever company develops it will be looking at a potentially unprecedented windfall. Every doctor, hospital and health insurance provider will also very much WANT you to know about it. When it happens, it will be huge.