Fraud Alert: CUNA does not contact credit union members.

Reports of a phishing attack using the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) have come in from the Park Hills, Missouri area.

In this scam, victims were contacted on the telephone by an automated message claiming to represent CUNA and telling them their ATM cards had been deactivated. Victims were instructed to enter card numbers and PINs. It’s not known whether anyone fell for it.

CUNA is a trade organization for credit unions. They do not have your account details, or even know your name. They are not a financial institution; there is no such thing as a “CUNA account,” unless you’re a credit union and you’re buying Credit Union Youth Week marketing materials from them.

Never give out card numbers, PINs or other account information to anyone who requests it online or by phone. It doesn’t matter who they claim to be, what the caller ID says, or if it “sounds” like it could be legitimate. It never is. If you’re unsure, hang up and use a verified phone number to contact your financial institution directly.