Video Dispatch: Mystery Shopper Scams

Why not get things started with the first Video Dispatch?

The topic this time is the offers for “mystery shopper” jobs you sometimes see on the Internet, in the newspaper or taped to telephone poles. A huge percentage of those offers are scams. There’s some more information on the topic available in the Fact Sheets section.

Incidentally, the theme song is a synthesized little number I wrote (using some very old Cakewalk software) called “Funk Prevention Unit.” Anytime you hear music in a Video Dispatch, that’s me; mostly because I’m not willing to go through the hassle of licensing other people’s music.

Also, we are looking into hosting videos through other avenues than YouTube. For now, though, I have to throw in the following disclaimer:

Note: Videos hosted on YouTube contain links to other video content, which will play on the current page if clicked. REGIONAL Federal Credit Union is in no way affiliated with or responsible for this content and has no control over videos or advertisements that may be linked from our video content.